Help speed the development of needed infrastructure to meet electrification and decarbonization goals

​​Members of the NextGen Highways Coalition will advocate broadly for the opening of existing interstate and highway ROW for the strategic co-location of communications and transmission infrastructure. Coalition members will also advocate for an examination of the benefits of buried high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission where practical.

Joining the NextGen Highways Coalition will ensure your organization’s voice is heard on key transmission and communications infrastructure policies as we advance discussions regarding how best to utilize existing highway ROW for infrastructure investment among various stakeholders, including:

  • Federal and state policymakers
  • State Departments of Transportation (DOTs)
  • Transmission and communications developers and
  • Other relevant groups.

NextGen Highways mission

  • Prepare for the transportation future by integrating electric and communications infrastructure into our existing transportation infrastructure
  • Enable a clean energy economy by promoting the electric transmission needed to support a low-cost, reliable and clean grid
  • Unleash economic development by removing barriers currently holding back a trillion dollars of private investment — investment that will create new jobs, services, and technologies
  • Strengthen national security by constructing an energy and communications backbone that is hardened against everything from severe weather events to cyber attacks
  • Improve equity by addressing the enduring air quality impacts of the interstate system — which are disproportionately concentrated in low-income communities and communities of color — and by increasing broadband access in rural and urban communities.